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Emergency Lighting

Not only can we design and fully install emergency lighting within properties, we also carry out monthly, 6 monthly and annual emergency lighting tests to ensure all systems fully comply with BS 5266.

Upon undertaking any new works or annual duration tests we will provide the associated and relevant certification required.

What is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting is required for when the mains supply to normal lighting is lost and normal illumination fails. The cause of the mains electricity supply failing could be due to a fire, power cut or a fault with a lighting circuit. This can then lead to there being total darkness and cause danger to any occupants within the premises.

One of the main purposes of emergency lighting is to highlight escape routes and open areas within properties so to guide occupants to safety in the case of an emergency.

Some of the main areas where emergency lighting luminaries should be sited include, but are not limited to are;

• Each exit door

• Escape routes

• Intersection of corridors

• Externally outside each final exit and on external escape routes

• Stairways so that each flight receives adequate light

• Changes in floor level

• Toilet accommodation exceeding 8m²

• Near fire-fighting equipment and fire alarm call points

• Near first aid points

• Lifts

• Areas in premises greater than 60m²

*Near denotes within 2 meters measured horizontally.

If you require any further information or have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.